Welcome to ChallengeU2cook.com, the BLOG designed to get your creative juices flowing!

I have a very simple premise here.  For folks who love to cook, little is more fun and challenging than creating a dish from available ingredients that everyone thinks is your gourmet recipe.

Taking that one step further, I thought “Wouldn’t it be interesting if instead of looking in our pantry for available ingredients, I looked in other folk’s pantries” and created from there!

Then I thought, how exactly do I do that?  I stumbled upon the idea while reading the book Milk, Eggs, Vodka by Bill Keaggy.  What if I could only use the ingredients from someone else’s grocery list?  Tough?  YES.  Fun? YOU BET!  So here we go, I challengeU2cook something from a new grocery list.  Check out the blog for grocery lists, and the recipes others have posted using these ingredients, or just check out the recipes I post as I cook for my family and friends.

Have fun!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I work with your husband, Mark – he told me all about your cooking and blog. Love it! I have my own cooking blog (www.fancy-fork.com) that I do for fun. Can’t wait to try your recipes!



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