CoffeeCon/Chicago 2014 and The 3 C’s of coffee

sf coffee vonnie

Some time ago I was asked to be a guest blogger at CoffeeCon Chicago 2014.

CoffeeCon’s event is about having a venue that conveys the largest coffee house environment while sharing, teaching and creating the perfect cup of coffee.

From the growers to the roasters to the baristas to the enthusiastic coffee consumers, all learning about the whole coffee experience.

For me, CoffeeCon Chicago 2014 is about The 3 C’s of Coffee

Crops, Concoctions, and Community.

Crops:  Coffee from the ground up.  What makes each coffee bean unique?

Concoctions:  The many exciting combinations you can create from a wide variety of coffees.

Community:  Cultures from all over the world coming together for the purpose of enjoying coffee in unconventional ways.

Each blog post I “ChallengeU2cook”  This weekend, April 12th, is about challenging me to create! And I would love if you would read along as I blog about my experience or better yet, join me!

I’m doing a little contest to give away two(2) tickets for CoffeeCon Chicago 2014 to one lucky reader!  Simply go to ChallengeU2cook’s facebook page and post a picture or quick video about your coffee creations.  I will select a random winner from your posts on Monday April 7th, so you have time to plan your visit to Chicago.  For everyone else, don’t despair, I have a $2 off ticket discount for everyone!  Simply go to and enter the promo code “VonCoffeeCon” to receive your discount! 

I can’t wait to see your coffee posts and you at CoffeeCon Chicago 2014