Grocery Cart Ambush

I went to my local market today and decided to do one of those Grocery Cart Ambush. You’ve seen and read about  TV personalities or dietitians who come upon regular people shopping and go through their grocery cart and help them make better/healthier choices.  Ok…so I didn’t exactly do that,  but I did ambush some grocery carts! They didn’t have people pushing them, but the wind was doing a pretty nice job of keeping me on my toes chasing after them.  And I didn’t help regular people make better/healthier choices. I did however, choose their grocery lists LEFT in their grocery cart!

Here’s where I’m going with all this.  I thought I would post one of the groceries list I chased down and see what kind of recipes everyone can come up with from the items. Use as many items as you can and try not to add items unless they are pantry/fridge items(oils, butter, milk spices, etc). I will see what I can come up with too! This should be lots of fun!

As always enjoy and happy cooking,                                                                 


Grocery List:



Yellow and Red Peppers


Spring Mix




Parmesan Cheese




2 thoughts on “Grocery Cart Ambush

  1. Funny post! Love how the wind ambushed your cart! I make a salad with roasted pepers, chopped carrots, thinly sliced zucchini topped with garlic Parm crusted salmon. Then I’d have a small bowl of orange segments, fresh raspberries with mint for dessert. I’d have a glass of milk to wash it all down! Sounds like a good meal to me! 🙂


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